About Us

Tashii is an initiative of Bon Appetit, which is one of the largest importers and distributors of organic products in India. Tashii bags are designed by our in-house designers and all bags are unique in style and design. All products are made using natural, organic dyes and are hand-made by our in house craftsmen. All bags go through rigourous quality checks and come with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

1. What is unique about Tashii ?

Each and every bag of Tashii's has been designed with utmost care to the details. All bags come with multi comparments for storing different items required by the modern women. Additionally Tashii backpacks are designed for the modern women on the go, so that unlike conventional handbags. 

2. Tashii bags are made up of ?

The material used is printed leather fabric which is very pliable  and light and completely vegan, while our Yoga bags are made out of canvas. All our bags are completely hand-crafted.